Audit and audit-related services

In the area of audit and audit-related services we perform all types of statutory and voluntary audits according to International Standards on Auditing [ISAs] ( continue...)

In the area of audit and audit-related services we perform all types of statutory and voluntary audits according to International Standards on Auditing [ISAs]. At the audits we use our risk-orientated audit approach, which we especially adapt to the audit engagement. Thus the critical areas are analyzed in order for the audit to be more efficient and effective. Our audit approach is based on the International Standards on Auditing (ISA) and is being supported by using special audit software. Our office performs the following types of audit:

  • statutory and voluntary audits of consolidated or separate financial statements in accordance with Greek GAAP, IFRS or German HGB
  • Audit or review, for consolidation purposes
  • Review of interim financial statements of publicly traded companies
  • Audit of internal control systems and risk management systems
  • Due diligence
  • Special purpose audits


Tax consultancy

Greece is distinguished by a complex tax system, where often the form is more important than the substance. The continuously changing tax law conditions requires a constant review and adaption of the existing tax strategies. We provide you with individual, efficient and high-quality consulting tailored to your specific needs. The following sectors are covered by us:


Continuous tax consulting

  • Support for the implementation of tax commitments
  • Review the legality of declarations and tax assessments from an economic point of view
  • Support with the completion of tax returns
  • Preparation, or review of tax returns and tax declarations
  • Review of the deductibility of expenses and verification of the compliance of Greek code for tax books and documents


Other tax consulting

  • Comments and reports on individual tax questions
  • Advice on tax audits
  • Subsidy advice
  • Biliteral and International tax conventions


Accounting and annual financial statements

Whether total outsourcing or support of your own accounting department from our experienced co-worker, in this area any combination is possible. ( continue...)

Our accounting services includes:

  • Implementation of IFRS
  • Consultancy on accounting and financing problems
  • Development and Installation of systems regarding the internal accountancy
  • Accountancy
  • Continually payroll accounting, continually financial accounting, setup of cost accounting
  • Business consultancy
  • Preparation and compilation of the annual financial statements
  • Preparation of net income methods
  • Preparation of interim financial statements
  • Preparation of management reports
  • Preparation of consolidated annual accounts


All-round consulting for your start in Greece

No matter whether you are a German or English speaking mid-sized company or a private person, who wants to settle down in Greece, with us you find the best possible partner for your start in Greece. With almost 35 years of expierience we will plan and prepare together the most optimal terms of your presence in Greece based on your needs and ideas, regarding costs, contingent liabilities, market image, tax and market risks. ( continue...)

In entering the Greek Market our clients are facing complicated choices. Here it has been very valuable to be able to rely on an expierienced partner, who expose the tax-related, labor law and company law aspects to you and will support you in organisational or financial matters.

Essentially there are the following possibilities of choosing a “branch office” in Greece:


Representative or Information office

An Information office doesn't have its own legal personality, it just represents the interests of the "head office". It don't have the authorization to execute their own operations or contracts, but it operates only as a contact- and coordination office and therefore it is not subject to income tax. The (foreign) employees of such an office are not only legally employees of the "head office", but they belong to it also in an economical way of view.


Business establishment

Like an information office the business establishment is legally not independent. But it has its own business activities and thus became subject to income tax in the relevant country. Here the issue of the income allocation between business establishment and "head office" must be considered. Legally its co-workers are employees of the "head office", but economically they are allocated to the business establishment. A simplified form of the business establishment is the "branch office of the project", which can be registered for a specific project with a comparatively simple method.


Subsidiary company

When founding a subsidiary (which is legally independent) there is not only to answer the question about the legal form according to the liability, the administration of the company and the managing directors´ compensation with its social-security aspects; because often there are close economic ties with the parent company you have to consider at the time of the foundation questions about allocation of income and contracts about business relations between both companies.